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Add Listing link in the admin section

Using Open Realty 3.2.7

I am making some changes to the admin template and I am trying to add second "Add Listing" link which is

  1. <a href="#" id="menu_add_listing_link" title="{lang_admin_add_listing}"><img src="{template_url}/images/icon_addlisting.png" alt="{lang_admin_add_listing}" width="16" height="16" /> {lang_admin_add_listing}</a>

It is call with id="menu_add_listing_link".

There is one in the side menu already and I am addin a second one in the "or_index.html" but only one popup works, is there a direct url I can use as in the old 2.x to 3.0 style"

Sorry but I see nothing to help in the docs.

Thank you

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photo Employee

There isn't a direct link, it uses an ajax call. HTML DOM objects cannot have the same ID declaration (validating your code will spot this) so you'll need to use something else and add your own trigger javascript that uses your unique ID.

  1. $("#menu_add_listing_link").click(function() {
  2. show_add_listing();
  3. return false;
  4. });
Change #menu_add_listing_link to your link's unique ID.


Thank you so much PIV


I do have another question

I notice the same thing with

id="listing_status_{listingid}" Activate

id="listing_featured_{listingid}" Featured

and more admin template links.

Does these have a way of linking without using this method.

I am trying to do admin template and I need to use my own icons and so on.

Is there a document on this area (Admin Template) of Open Realty

Can you direct me to some reference to these things I cannot find in the docs.

Thank you

photo Employee

There are no docs for these items as they are not intended to be modified and it is assumed if you intend to do so that you are capable of obtaining any necessary details you need from looking at the source code of the output.

I would suggest viewing the source code of the page at issue in your web browser and examine the javascript involved. That's exactly what I did to provide you with the original solution.

If you have a specific question about specific source code or a feature, I would suggest opening a support ticket.


Thanks for your answer PIV

I have been poking around in the source too but I figure those are things that changes without notice and could cause issues to my site when there is an update so if there were overlooked or undocumented solutions, I would have rather gone that way.

Thanks for your help

photo Employee

Items that use ajax calls are very unlikely to change, just like API calls. That's kind of the point of using them.

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