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admin area accessible from public front page

I installed OR free on site

From the public front page User Menu leads to the Admin area, wherein anybody can make changes to Site Config, I cannot use this software in these conditions.

I am just testing OR to see if it will suit my purpose, so it does not matter much now, but I cannot leave this online for a long time without a solution.

Also, I would like to change username admin to something else but did not see the option.

Thank you.

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Perhaps that's because you are logged in? Try logging out first.

Otherwise I am not sure what you are doing/seeing, but only the OR admin or someone with an OR Agent account and password can access the OR administration area, and only Agents who additionally have been granted permission to access Site Config by the OR admin can make any changes there.

So, if you changed the OR admin password as recommended, and don't have any Agent accounts setup yet, no one but you can access the administration area and Site Config, and to do that you have to be logged-in by providing your username 'admin' and your password via

I'd suggest reviewing the docs regarding User accounts:


Thanks for quick answer.

You are right, I logged out and now it is requesting username and password.

However, I don't like the fact that while I am testing settings in the admin and check the site in another tab, someone might be granted access.

Again, is there a way to change the default username admin? it is too obvious, docs say that this cannot be changed.

There are no agents set up and I did change password.

I really need the Menu Editor and the ability to create more pages, articles, etc.

I am planning on building a very complex and informative site and of course I will have to move to Pro, if I decide to stay with you guys.

So here are some questions:

I can install Word Press in a folder within my site, can I use that as a blog?

Can your Menu Editor create complex nested menus?

Can I create a footer with links to social media?

Does Pro support CSS3?

I am not moving to Pro or anything else until the uncertainty passes, so it is a good moment to test and compare.

Thank you.


Carlos Kosloff wrote:

Thanks for quick answer.

I don't like the fact that while I am testing settings in the admin and check the site in another tab, someone might be granted access.

That's not possible. I am guessing you don't have a lot of experience with CMS software and how user authentication works.

The answer to the rest of your questions is yes. OR however already contains a blogging system, and CSS3 can be used with free or Pro edition, the HTML5 example template makes extensive use of it.

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