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Administrative Email Address Install Error

After completing the installation configuration, I was never taken to the admin area login page. Instead I was given the error:

You must set an administrative email address in the site configuration before you can use your site.

Even after changing it in the database, I still can't access the admin area (keep getting the same error)

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Please disclose the exact version of OR you are using. We always need to know this.

What do you mean exactly by: "after changing it in the database".

You should simply be able to go to Site Config and enter the address. Make sure there are no leading or trailing spaces in the email address.


Open Realty 3.1.6

I am not able to get to the Site Config. You will see that is the case if you try following the link I included in the last email.

Here is is again:

Thanks for your help!

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godaddy is definitely not a recommended host for using Open-Realty. You will have on-going problems unless you are very tech-savvy and can reach someone there for support who actually knows what they are doing.

Something is redirecting you to the OR home page which is correctly complaining that the email has not yet been set. Probably whatever "previewdns" feature they are using. The administration login page (if reached) will never complain about the email not being set.

This should be the correct URL path to the OR administration area.


But as I said, that is being redirected to /properties/index.php by something, and OR is not doing it. You may not be able to access your administration area while whatever "preview" feature they have running is redirecting. You may have to wait until your domain name is resolving and then re-install from your domain.

The following URL does not bring up the OR installer, so I am unsure how you even got this far:


Ok. I was able to run the install script fine on this system. After I completed the step "Click here to configure your installation," it gave me an error telling me to delete install/index.php, which I did. Then it gave me the error I've referenced here.

I will try installing it on another host and see how that goes. Any hosts you recommend in particular that are good for Open Realty? Thanks again for you health!


I am having this same issue at

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Colin Bell wrote:

I am having this same issue at
You need to set the Administrative email address in Site Config.

See Step #12

The previous poster had a different problem with their hosting account.

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