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Agents & Agent/Admins cannot delete Listings in 4 sites running v3.2.9

I have 4 sites running professional version of Open-Realty 3.2.9 that were upgraded from version 3.2.7 in December 2014.

In every site now only the default “admin” account can delete a listing.

Any other agent or admin user cannot delete theirs or any other users (if an admin). I added new admin user from scratch, same problem even after double check permissions.

Affects both new and old listings alike.

All four sites are running patched version of php 5.3.x. with MySQL 5.0 or 5.1.

No one noticed this on any of until now as updating existing listings works just fine. And two of the sites are running RETS so adding new listings or deleting them isn’t as noticeable on those.

One of the sites is run on a different hosting provider (the one running MySQL 5.1) so it isn’t isolated to a single server/hosting environment.

Is this something due to the upgrade direct from 3.2.7 to 3.2.9? I used the web based updated on all 4 sites.

There are no errors that I see in the web logs or JavaScript for that matter. It occurs in all the current version Firefox, Chrome, and Internet Explorer.

And it doesn't matter if you in the My Listings, All Listings or editing the listing itself when you click delete. It asks you to confirm, and then does nothing. As far as I can tell, it is just not submitting.

At list on the listings index pages, it does change the URL to include the trailing #.

But that is the only thing that happens.

The admin area is the same template for all the users.

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Please open an Open-Realty support ticket at Transparent Tech.

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