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Anyone tried PHP7 with beta ioncube loader?

The website I manage is for our office listings only.

We don't take MLS listings, so compared to other OR installs out there the site is pretty small.

Transparent haven't advised when PHP7 will be supported and I'm sure they will be waiting for a final release of the ioncube loader.

However, has anyone tried one of the beta ioncube loaders available?

Would be interesting to see how it goes and if any performance difference. I was personally waiting on Debian Stretch to finalise before trying PHP7 but may spin up a VM to test it out.

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We've already inquired about this, PHP 7 won't be supported by OR or Transparent's add-ons until a few months after ionCube releases their final (non-beta) loaders. The first production release of ionCube loaders for a new major PHP version often have problems with segfaults, exceptions, disappearing variables, and memory leaks, so when it's released that does not necessarily mean it will be 100% production ready. ionCube does quickly get things tuned-in and fixed for the most part after they start receiving user feedback, historically stuff gets stable 1-3 months afterwards.

If you are not working with big data arrays (like MLS imports) the performance improvements in PHP7 are not really too earth-shattering. It will definitely force some developers to adopt better/modern methods because several common features are going away or being changed in PHP7. I understand Transparent is having to re-vamp a bit of DB handling code to that end.

The last beta loaders I last tried caused a segfault when running Drupal, and that was before having any encoded files present. I have not tried the latest, but I'm not in too big of a hurry until we have an encoder that targets PHP v7


That's good to hear, thank you.

Yes I wasn't thinking production ready yet.

Next OS LTS supports 5.6 and 7.0 so am preparing migration to LTS on 5.6 until 7.0 ready.


Hi PIV Support.

Support for PHP 5.6 finishing at the end of 2018.

Any word on a new version of IDX?


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