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CSS does not load

CSS is not loading after moving to another server. Base path and base url are correct. According to the source code of the home page the site looks for the css pages website_root/css_style_default.css and website_root/css_style_main.css.

On the specified directories there are not any css pages. They shoul be at:

website_root/template/lazuli/style_default.css and website_root/template/lazuli/style_main.css respectively.

Updating base path and url through the reinstallation feature did not work.

Please, tell me how to mend this.

Thank you,

Frans Bakker

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Okay, so I seem to have a similar error. admin (OR_small) and public template (lazuli).What have done:

  1. Created new test server environment, uploading 3.0.10 OR files and importing database. Using Free license until Pro license renewal comes through.
  2. Ran the original install to reconfigure database, picked up fine, but template issues.
  3. Upgraded from 3.0.10 to 3.1.14, overwriting all files. Permissions, database connection, etc okay, but template issues.
  4. Deleted admin folder and reuploaded from 3.1.14 brand new download.
  5. Checked database table field gets updated whenever change in admin.
However, apache log shows:File does not exist: /var/www/<my domain>/htdocs/admin/css_site_config.css, referer: http://<my domain>/admin/index.php?action=configure

It seems as though css_ is added to all of the filenames.

Definitely feel like have gone insane. :-)

Any help much appreciated... cheers~

-------- UPDATE ----------

  1. Just checked source code and see that base URL was incorrect for style sheets.
  2. Through the old community forum someone suggested turning off SEO urls, changing back to Standard URL's. This seems to have worked.
  3. So, site runs now with OR_small & lazuli templates, however when use our custom template I get the message "powered by logo" removed.
  4. No matter where I put the {powered_by_tag} in main.html file it still shows that error.

Little bit further but stuck again. :-)

photo Employee

I'm guessing your custom template was built for OR v2 and not v3.

If so, it is likely missing {load_js} in the <head> and other items an OR v3 template requires. You might also want to speak with whoever made your template and obtain an OR v3 compatible version.

Relevant blog post on updating OR v2 templates:


Spent a few hours trying to get that right but just never seemed to work despite having tags in all the right places it seems.

The current template was also loading additional Javascript stuff and maybe that was stuffing it up.

So, in the interest of keeping up to date going forward I've started reworking the default lazuli template and looks like it might be easier.

Thanks for all your help.

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