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do I have to rerun install?

OR v3.2.5

Still trying to solve problem of inability to create root sitemap which will include OR (v3.2.5) in (/listing/) directory.

I am posting this again because the original has been locked for comments.

I just want to know, since I found that one sitemap tries to find the files in (/listing/listing/) if the problem is that I set up my base urls incorrectly

  1. Base URL:
  2. Base Path: /web/sites/pamulex/
MY QUESTION: do I need to reinstall index because of this even though the actual function of the site seems to be fine? If I can't run a root sitemap that will include contents of listing directory, it will be constantly underpopulated.

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If your OR site is working where you installed it, there is nothing to change, OR sets the Path and URL it uses when it is installed, these have NO EFFECT on your 3rd party "sitemap". OR generates its own google-friendly sitemap that will absolutely index all relevent OR pages.

Your problem is not related to OR as you have been told on at least 3 occasions. Please do not create any more threads regarding your 3rd party sitemap application after we close your other ones or they will be removed. You absolutely must seek assistance from whoever/whatever is creating this "sitemap" of yours. Please understand that this support forum is for supporting Transparent Tech's products exclusively, and not for debugging 3rd party applications or services. If you should have a problem with an OR feature, or something not working in OR specifically, please create a new thread.

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