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Exclude Google Map for one listing?

I think it is obvious this is not possible, but when a listing has a location that Google can't find, is it possible to simply exclude having a map for that listing.

I usually put a line "mapping accuracy may vary" but naturally a client of my real estate client doesn't seem to care much about that, they either want a correct map or no map.

I would suggest this as a future option unless I'm missing something, and I hope I am!

I'm not using TransparentMaps


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Try this but it only make sense if the listings are entered in manually and you do not have too many listings

In the admin

"Listing Field Editor"

Create a field and call it something like "showmap" (Without quotes)

1. Make type "Select List"

2. In the "Field Elements:" box put "||Yes" (Without quotes)

Note there is nothing before the || then there is the Yes. This will make any listings added manually after you add that field to default to a blank value unless you click and chose yes (Will see why later)

3. Find the place in your listing template that calls the map and place this around that portion of code (Usually a div with a map id)



4. Update your listings and set all to yes and leave the one you do not want to show to the default blank state.

This will cause the content between



only to show when there is an actually value. In this case, all property you want to show will have a value of "Yes" the ones you do not want to show will have blank value hence it will hide the map enclose between those two tags.

It's long what but what I can think of now without an addon.

See the bottom of the page in this link for more help

I stand to be corrected if there is a much simpler way. (DEVS)

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