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Existing Agent cannot delete listings after upgrade; Odd behavior on delete listing

I just upgraded to 3.2.9. from a couple of versions, unfortunately I cannot remember which version of 3 we had before.

As an Admin I can delete listings, however the pre-existing Agent cannot delete any listings. I just made a new Agent account and this one can delete listings as expected. In the User Manager their settings are the same. I am going to try to copy the permissions of this new agent to the old agent in the database to see if I can make it work as expected unless that's a bad idea?

But once a listing is deleted it takes you back to the list view but it is empty, even if you try to reset your filter view. You have to click on the "View Listings" link to get back to a list that displays anything.

Thank you!

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Manually editing the database is usually a bad idea unless someone from Trans-Tech provides you with specific instructions to do so, unless you happen to be a DBA of course.

Does your Agent have "Can Have Vtours" and "Can have Files" Permissions set? If not, set those permissions and see if that fixes it.

There are also some patches available from Trans Tech's support dept that resolve some small issues you may or may not encounter with v3.2.9

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