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FAQ: I am getting a license error, what do I do?

Q: What causes license errors?

A: License errors are generally caused by moving your site to a new location after you have installed and activated your license. "New Location" means new domain name, IP address, or that you have physically moved the files to a new directory on your server. This can sometimes be done by your host without your knowledge. License errors can also be caused if your site can not make outbound connections on port 80 and 443.

Q: I moved my site, how do I reset my license so it will work from this new location?

A:For FREE Edition Licenses, you can reissue the license by completing the steps below.

1 .Login to your client area

2. Click the "Services" menu link near the top of the page, and select the "My Services" option..

3. Locate the software for which you wish to reissue the license key, and click on its "View Details" button on the right.

4. Click the "Reissue License Button"

5. Login to your Open-Realty admin area as the admin user.

6. Click the Site Config link.

7. Click the "View/Change License Key" link.

8. Re-save your license key.

For Professional Edition Licenses, open a Open-Realty Support Ticket requesting that your license be reissued.

Q: I tried the steps above, or I am having other issues with activating my license, what do I do?

A: Make sure your hosting meets all of OR's server requirements, specifically the part about outbound HTTP/HTTPS connections on ports 80 and 443

Server requirements

If you are still having problems...

For Open-Realty Free Edition you may open an Open-Realty Sales ticket with Transparent Technologies. Make sure you are logged in using the account that you ordered the license with. Our sales team will not be able to provide you with Open-Realty support beyond the license issue..

For Open-Realty Pro Edition open a Open-Realty Support Ticket

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Unfortunately the account used to register the free version of open realty software being used no longer exists. How can I reissue the license? The website is

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