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Fatal error: Call to undefined function [obfuscated]()

Open Realty stopped working v.2.x after PHP was upgraded by the host (dreamhost).

I have copied the files, installed Ioncube and now the installation stops at the following error:

Fatal error: Call to undefined function [obfuscated]() in /home/lovinahomes/ on line 27

Any help appreciated.

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PIV Support Posted 6 years ago

Support for OR v2.x ended back in 2010. It is not compatible with PHP versions 5.3 or greater.

If this is in fact an attempt at an upgrade to OR v3, the error you are seeing has to do with PHP session support not being available which is definitely unusual, I don't think I have yet seen a host that disables PHP session support, it's enabled by default. You may be missing other requirements as well.

OR server requirements:

Your host should also be installing ionCube globally for the whole server unless this is a dedicated server and you are responsible for such things. In either case it should be accessible to PHP globally.

PHP v5.3 has also reached EOL as of August. Odd you are being updated from an obsolete version of PHP to yet another obsolete version. You may want to see if they can get you up to v5.4 at least, or even v5.5 if possible unless you have other old software. OR v3.2.9 works up to PHP v5.5.x

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Thanks. I will try it on another host.

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