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file upload problems in 3.29

Just upgraded from 3.27 to 3.29

After uploading the the fileuploadmeter stays on the screen and only solution is a refresh to continue editing losing unsaved edits.

Another problem is that when adding captions or descriptions data is not updated in the media bar and again a refresh is needed.

I also just noticed I can't upload files anymore in 3.29 as there is no button or place to drop files.

I confirmed the problem by doing a fresh install of 3.29

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photo Employee

How exactly did you upgrade, one click, or manual upgrade?

After uploading what exactly?

When adding captions to what exactly?

What browser and browser version are you using exactly?

Have you checked your server error logs for any file permissions (or other) errors?

Have you cleared your browser cache and cookies and/or tried a different browser?

There is definitely an upload button for each file type in the Media Widget, in fact they are personalized for each type. e.g. Upload a File, Upload Virtual Tour, Upload a Picture. There is also a drag-and-drop area if your browser supports it. These particular items are no different than v3.2.7. If these are missing for you I would guess you are not logged in (session expired) or perhaps you did not upgrade everything when you upgraded.


One click upgrade.

After uploading images using drag and drop.

Captions to images.

I tested Chrome Version 39.0.2171.71 (64-bit) , Firefox 34.05, Opera 12.16.

Yes and yes

I also did some test installs locally and seeing the same problem with Fileuploameter and mediabar not updating captions in 3.29.

photo Employee

I cannot reproduce any of what you are reporting using an upgraded or a fresh install of OR v3.2.9.

I also don't know what a "Fileuploameter" or "mediabar" is in the limited context you are using as captions management in OR is not handled by anything with those names or descriptions.

I would venture there is an error being generated, and you simply are not seeing it, or are perhaps looking in the wrong error_log if you are not finding one.

What version of PHP are you using?

What version of ionCube are you using?


Did you look at my screenshots?

With Fileuploadmeter I mean the progress bar that is shown when using drag and drop uploading. With Media bar I mean the area where uploaded images are shown on the right side of the admin.

Which error log do you suggest I look in?

PHP Version 5.4.35 with Ioncube v4.4.3 and locally I use php 5.4.35 with Ioncube 4.7.2

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Yes, however your screenshots did not provide any insight or clarification to your statement.

I would suggest looking in the main server error_log. Some hosts' server setups also place an error_log in the document root or the folder where a particular script fails, so the root of your install or the /admin folder may contain one.

Your ionCube is new enough that should not be a problem, versions prior to v4.4.2 had some weird bugs that caused unusual results with some features, but I don't believe the Media Widget was one that was affected. The drag and drop stuff happens mostly in your browser, but a firewall, or strict mod_security rule on the server can prevent the necessary communication (via ajax) from occurring, and the latter would be logged. Mod_securty blocking things I have definitely seen before, and it can affect the 'add listing' feature as well.

Barring locating an error, I would suggest opening an OR Sales ticket at Transparent Tech and provide them with enough information and access to reproduce the problem. There are a lot of people out there running v3.2.9 and none (so far) are reporting any problems like this.


I am having the same issue with 3.2.9

I have to refresh after every upload and was about to post this error here too.

The other sites running earlier version is not doing this.

photo Employee

Someone finally opened a ticket and provided the means to re-create this bug so it was able to be fixed for the next release.

You can save yourself having to refresh the page in the meantime by hitting your escape [ESC] key.


Why don't you allow free licence users to support bug reports?

photo Employee

Simon Engwerda wrote:

Why don't you allow free licence users to support bug reports?
There is no such restriction if by "support" you actually meant "submit".

Otherwise there are times when you won't be able to obtain assistance via the forums because someone at Transparent Tech will need to be able to access your OR administration area to try to reproduce the problem. The only way to make that happen is to contact them via their ticket system as I linked for you above.


Is there a patch for this upload issue until there is a new release?

I a am about to show someone how to upload and I would love not to have this issue as a part of the experience.

Thank you

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