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Get agent information from RETS

Our MLS is requiring we post the Listings Agent and Broker/Office for each listing. The MLS uses Rapatonni and stores the information for the agent in the Agent and ActiveAgent resource, which is not available to be accessed with TransparentRETS (Hosted version atleast...).

Does anyone have suggestions on how we can handle this or alternatives? We must have this information or face loosing our MLS feed.


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TransparentRETS only uses the RETS Property and Photo resources regardless of version, as listing data always belongs in the Property Resource. Your MLS's feed is setup poorly, this is usually done to discourage use.

Assuming they are storing a numeric code for Agents and Offices in the Property Resource, obtain a list of the Agents & Offices and their corresponding numeric codes, make that into a PHP array and use the developer's remapping script in TransparenTRETS to replace the codes with the desired names.


Just an update.

MLS vendor provided the information in the standard Property resource.

Would be fantastic if a future update provided for other resources in RETS.


UPDATE: Rapatonni still does not include Listing Office information on the property resource, just an internal ID for the office.

How would I go about with integrating an external PHP block into the Listing page? We will just try to maintain a database of offices.



jason hasty wrote:

How would I go about with integrating an external PHP block into the Listing page?

You would create an add-on that replaces a custom template tag placed in the listing_detail template with whatever values you generate. You can obtain a basic add-on demo you can pick apart via the OR Extras site:

As I mentioned previously you can also use the TRETS developer's remapping script to convert the numeric codes prior to import.

Rap is just your MLS's present software vendor, the MLS can request that the numeric code be replaced with the actual content it represents, or they can have another field added to the Property Resource that contains non-obfuscated values if they choose to do it. I mention this because Rap is not going to change anything in this regard on their own without direct instructions from the MLS to do so, and it is very unlikely the MLS even realizes why obfuscating the data is a bad idea until someone educates them.


Yea, the MLS responded with "well others are getting the data, why cant you".

Thanks for the information.

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