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How to keep Agents from deleting Leads?

I'm looking for some way to stop Agents from deleting leads from the system. I see they can mark a lead "inactive" which is perfect and what I want them to do. I do not want an Agent to have the ability to fully erase a lead from the system. Anyone know how this can be achieved?

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While your feature request don't get implemented at a future release, you can use a permission tag at your admin HTML template file and hide that option from agents.

For example, copy admin/template/default/leadmanager.html to your custom admin site template (by default, OR_small folder). At the new file, search for 2 instances of "generic_icon_delete.png" - PROPERLY insert {check_admin} and {/check_admin} permission tags and you will have it hidden for agents.



Thanks for the reply. I tried that and ended up with bad results on the Agent side.

(1st instance)

{check_admin} {lang_delete}{/check_admin}

(2nd instance)

{check_admin} {/check_admin}

(it wont show the exact code above...sorry, but its the default template)

On the ADMIN side it works fine. On the Agent side it crashes and does not even display the leads anymore. I've attached a screen capture to show the results.


You have not followed what I wrote. Never edit any file inside admin/template/default folder!!! Copy the file into your custom folder - by default, OR_small folder.

You have not inserted the permission tag properly.

At the 1st instance put the permission tag outside the < span class="legend_item">...< /span>

At the 2nd instance put the permission tag outside < a href="#" on click="deleteLead({lead_id});" title="{lang_delete}">...< /a>



I'm sorry, but I do not understand this "custom" folder thing you are talking about. The only instance of the filename leadmanager.html is in the admin/template/default folder. I'm new to OR and I'm still learning while trying to set this up. I understand the concern of editing a main file, but do have the originals handy if needed.

As for the code modifications, that is what I did first and it didn't work. So I went even deeper and put the tags to check for admin. Both what I did originally and what you corrected result in the same display for the agent.

Here is the code:

and the 2nd part of the changes:

That still results in this on the AGENT side:

Things are missing like the SEARCH, the screen is shifted up, and of course there are no leads showing when there should be two. The ONLY mod to the code was the {check_admin} ...... {/check_admin} tags where you advised to put them.


I FOUND THE PROBLEM!! The commented area was being taken as active code!! so the comment I inserted about the {check_admin} was leaving an open tag! Seems the software thinks that any tags in the commented areas are still valid! <!-- {check_admin} --> should have been ignored, so I thought!

I got it working now! Thank you!


Now you have properly edited the file.

But the wrong one.

COPY admin/template/default/leadmanager.html INTO admin/template/OR_small/leadmanager.html

Do not edit any file inside admin/template/default/ folder.

About custom admin site template folder... Log in as ADMIN at backend, click at Site Config... click at Template tab... look Administrative Template form field value. Thats your custom admin site template. By default this value is set as OR_small. This is the folder where you can place your custom HTML template files.

Don't touch (don't delete, don't edit) at any file inside admin/template/default/ ... make copies of any file you wish to edit and place the edited file at your custom folder. All is very well documented at


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