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how to upgrade to 3.1.11 not using admin in 3.1.10- as it just hangs

upgrade from 3.1.10 to 3.1.11- upgrade link in Admin just hangs on contacting update server and extracting...what other way to upgrade and how?

is 3.1.11 the best / safest option to upgrade to as I see 3.1.12 has just been released?

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Your host most likely does not run phpSuExec.

You should download and upgrade to v3.1.12

Manual upgrade instructions are in the OR docs.


Not everyone is experienced enough to do a manual upgrade and personally I hate doing them. Is there any way around using phpSuExec to run it? I'm running 3.2.7 and want to upgrade to 3.2.10 but it just hangs because the host says phpSuExec is a security problem. They suggested there may be a workaround of running without phpSuExec....

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No need to create more than one post.

In terms of server security the opposite is true.

APACHE suEXEC provides additional security for web hosts and is sometimes referred to as running a "jailed" environment which prevents one compromised account from affecting any others on the same server as their services are isolated, and files/folders needing chmod 777 (world writable) is eliminated. Most better hosts run their servers like this because it's more secure, and because most popular CMS apps that have a one-click or automatic update feature (wordpress, joomla, drupal, et: al) require it. Perhaps you got an answer from an entry-level support person who does not actually understand how it works, or maybe they operate a platform where it just isn't an option.

There is no workaround. There is nothing you can do yourself to change this unless you control the server. You cannot successfully perform the one-click upgrade unless your host has APACHE setup to operate PHP via suEXEC/suphp. or you know with 100% certainty that APACHE and PHP are running as the same system user ID as your account, i.e. your hosting account is "jailed". There is more then one way to achieve this, APACHE suEXEC/suphp is just the most common. If your hosting isn't setup this way the updater won't have permission to write all the files or create new ones, so you will wind up with a combination of updated and non-updated files, an updated DB, and most likely a malfunctioning site.

The good news is that the manual upgrade outlined in in the docs always works assuming OR's regular server requirements are met, it is simply not as convenient. Before doing that, you will definitely want to make sure your hosting still meets OR's regular server requirements, the PHP version requirements changed with v3.2.10:


Obtaining and installing the very latest ionCube loaders (v5.1.1) is also recommended.


Thank you. I understand much better now. The manual update went flawlessly.

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