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I want to start small and grow.

My realtor board provides a public way to search the MLS.

I want to put that in an iframe, or maybe have it open in another tab.

Is this possible?

My board charges a steep annual fee for access to RETS, plus your own, it is not the moment for that.

The broader question is about the flexibility of OR Pro:

Can I create custom forms?

Custom templates?

Transparencies in nested menu?

There are some items that I want to hide in what shows publicly, e.g. I don't have any listing at the moment so don't want to show those, possible to hide items?

Need connections to several social media, possible create a footer with those?

Basically my project is to create an informational site: about taxes, insurance, foreign investors, inspections, home services, neighborhood info, etc., listings are incidental, contrary to 99.9% of realtor sites.

So show me how OR Pro could help with that, I am ready to start hosting with you as soon as the bums in Congress stop boozing up.

Any other suggestion welcome.

Thank you.

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  1. Transparencies in nested menu?
I do not know what the above means.

Otherwise, the answer to the rest of your questions is yes, using OR free or Pro edition.

Be advised that Transparent Tech does not build or design web sites, thus it is advisable that you obtain the services of a web developer if you are not a developer yourself.


I cannot test menu in OR free because Menu Editor not available.

Menu is very important for me and my main concern with eventual shift to OR Pro.

I want to change style with transparent .png's and have some sort of fly-out.

Unable to test all that stuff that is why I am asking.

Thank you.


The OR Menu Editor generates nested HTML unordered lists that are compatible with the Superfish jQuery plugin.

An example of a Superfish menu in OR is the left vertical menu in the HTML5 example template. You don't need the Menu Editor to use Superfish or manage menus, you can manually create your own hard coded HTML unordered list menus that use it. The OR Menu Editor simply automates creating and managing HTML unordered lists to be used as menus, and allows you to make changes in real time without having to edit your template.

The CSS styles are completely customizable and the CSS IDs and classes generated by the Menu Editor are documented:

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