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Just installed the free version, will configure and install the Pro version soon.

Fantastic Product so Far! Just want to help so you guys know what everyone experiences installing it, and hopefully make it more Fantastic!

Also, I'm very grateful you have a free version to test, but I'm not actually any cheapskate, I'll buy the full version for sure as soon as I know this works as advertised.

I'm new to OR but not so new to PHP/MySQL applications maintaining dozens of vBulletin, WordPress, phpBB, WikiMedia, etc. sites. Just thought I'd give some feedback on the install process.

Getting Started, 3. Is there a way to check whether my server's config requires them to be 777 or 755? I changed the file "common.dist.php" (which was not common.php, btw, or should I have renamed it?) to 755. The folders were already all 755. Is that a hint that they should now be changed to 777?). OK, so right off the bat there's a couple different things that could go wrong later.

Running the Installer, 8. Ah OK, permission checking addressed, glad for this. Up above, maybe you could have said "For security purposes, try the least permissive settings first, this will be checked at the beginning of the installation."

Now, magic_quotes_gpc must be set to Off. Is this really necessary? This took a HostGator chat support and me over an hour to figure out how to change this setting for only this one domain and not affect the other sites on my VPS. I know you can say magic_quotes_gpc is going to be deprecated, and in a perfect world this should not be left on anywhere, but again, WAS THIS REALLY NECESSARY? vBulletin, WordPress, and tons of other PHP/MySQL applications that are very secure do not require this to be turned off. Don't hate me, just trying to give some constructive feedback.

Running the Installer, 13. I would recommend not to have a default user and password in case people forget to change it, especially as people can't just log in and change it right away, you have to hunt down license information (not mentioned in the install instructions). Just have the user name and password be settings on one of the setup steps.

Overall, fine install process, nothing too bad. Total time maybe 3 hours, but could have been an hour less if you didn't have the (I think) crazy requirement about magic_quotes_gpc. I'll post some notes tomorrow on how the configuration goes.

Oh, and then when I go to post this, (I did the whole registration process, etc.) I see the message: "you do not have permission to access this page." Then why do you have a prominent link in the Google Search to that forum if it's only inactive? This is not really your fault, since it's Google's link, but you should know and do a re-direct. This just wasted 3 minutes of my life doing a useless registration.

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Thanks for the feedback on the install process and your experience so far with Open-Realty. The installer is being rewritten for the next major release of Open-Realty, and I will make sure that we look over your feedback to ensure that your issues are all addressed when that is completed.

As for the magic_quotes_gpc, setting, it was official depreciated in PHP 5.3 and is being totally removed in PHP 5.4, which is just had beta 2 released. You will see other packages that have not yet removed support do so as PHP 5.4 is released rolled out in production.

P.S. Making a change to magic_quotes or any other PHP setting on a per account basis, is something that should take any web hosting support team, minutes to do for you.

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