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New Listing creates duplicate entries for IE and Firefox (Chrome fine)

I have 4 sites and all of them suffer from the same issue.

Any time an agent or admin adds clicks on the "Add Listing" in Firefox (latest as of this post 35.01) and Internet Explorer 11 on two separate Windows 7 boxes, a duplicate entry is made.

e.g. you'll get two listings (19) and (20).

Class doesn't matter.

The latest version of Google Chrome (40.0.2214.111m) seems unaffected.

All 4 running professional version of Open-Realty 3.2.9 which were all upgraded in Dec. 2014 from 3.2.7. All four sites' add listing work working just fine before this update but no one noticed (not used as much as update or RETS handles it).

All four sites are running patched version of php 5.3.x. with MySQL 5.0 or 5.1. One of the sites is run on a different hosting provider (the one running MySQL 5.1) so it isn’t isolated to a single server/hosting environment.

No web server error log entry or JavaScript errors that I can see. I suspect it is something in the JavaScript popup for Add Listing that only IE and Firefox are impacted by.

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