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OR pages are extremely slow to load on HostPapa server OR Free v3.2.9 and OR Pro v3.2.5 are equally slow on my HostPapa web hosting. I've been going back and forth with HostPapa tech-support and got the latest response from them as follows:

"It appears that you are using proprietary software that is encrypted to hide the source code. It is using IonCube to decrypted it so our server can process it. It is the process of decrypting the page that appears to be what is slowing it down. You can go to Open-Realty to see if they can give you tips on how to improve the performance of your website."

According to my CPanel the server is using PHP version


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You may want to request that they share with you the specific evidence they found to make their determination. Your host does not seem to understand how encoders such as ionCube or ZEND work, as most PHP encoded files load and process faster than non-encoded versions because they are already compiled to bytecode. If your host can provide you with specific evidence it is the encoding itself that is causing your performance problem, please open a Sales ticket at Transparent-Tech, they will be very interested in reviewing that info as will the folks at ionCube and ZEND.

#1 tip: Don't use budget hosting.

Given your host's grasping-at-straws assumption I would wager the problem is most likely your hosting, budget shared hosting is not recommended as these types of hosts regularly over-sell and over-share their services. In a nutshell, you get what you pay for, $4/mo hosting is not going to be adequate to operate a business web site that sees any kind of traffic or uses dynamically generated content.

You did not mention what pages exactly are slow, but otherwise if you are using a lot of add-ons, poorly coded ones can definitely affect page load times and this is compounded if you have more than one. If this applies to you, you might try removing all your add-ons entirely from the /addons folder and then test your site. If that speeds things up noticeably, add them back one at a time and test again each time until you find the culprit.

Lastly you can use chrome's developer tools to identify specific items in your site that are loading slowly. It only takes one broken (or slow) image or content link for instance to cause long delays as your browser will wait to display a page while it waits for any slow or broken links within it to either finally load or time out.

FYI, I received a 500 internal server error when attempting to view HomeLifeProfessionalsRealty, it seems you have bigger problems than just performance.

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