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Can I have a listing that is not actively shown to the public but can be shared with selected individuals via an email link.

Years ago I had a property class called Unknown or

Hidden, I could load a listing but it would not appear on my site but i could

send the link to dividuals by email.

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You could enclose the data you want to "hide" within OR Permission tags in your template so that only Members who are logged in could see it.

You could create an OR Property Class named "Hidden" (or whatever) as you did before and if you don't place any links to that content anywhere in your template, listings added to that class would essentially be hidden unless you provided someone with a direct link.


Can you expand on what you mean by "don't place any links to that content anywhere in your template"?

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Don't provide any hyperlinks in your custom site template (your site layout) for site visitors to click on that will take them to listings or pages within your hidden property class. That will prevent ordinary users from knowing it is there, and search engines like google cannot index pages they cannot find links for. When you want to give someone a link to a hidden listing, visit that listing in OR's Listing Editor and click the [Preview] button and you can copy the URL from the listing detail page that opens-up into your email.

That's what you were probably doing previously with your "Unknown" or "Hidden" property classes.


Sorry, but I don't understand how to set it up so that there are no links for just the 'hidden' property class. Are you able to be more specific, or provide examples.

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I don't really know how to be much more specific, you said you had this working before and the way you accomplished it then (using a separate property class) has not changed. If you do not add any hyperlinks to your custom template that go to pages (content) in your separate property class, any listings you add to that class cannot be found by site visitors.

most simple example:

Your site's main navigation menu in your custom template's 'main.html' file probably contains some links that appear similar to the following in your browser:

Search Residential Listings

Search Commercial Listings

Search Rental Listings

If you create a new property class named "Private", and you don't add a link to "Search Private Listings" in your site's navigation menu or anywhere else, no one will be able to find anything within it. Depending on the complexity of your custom design template you may have features in it and within template files other than 'main.html' that automatically create links to things like search pages for all property classes which will also need to be changed (or possibly hard coded) to only link to your public classes. I cannot really be any more specific than that, how your site layout works depends on whoever created and/or manages your custom site template.

If you do not know what any of this means, you may wish to contact whoever created your site's layout (template) for you and direct them to this thread, a basic understanding of HTML hyperlinks and OR's template system is going to be required.


I didn't set up the previous ability to exclude the 'hidden' property class so that's why I'm lost. I was able to determine that the search for properties uses {property_class_checkboxes} which lists all the existing properties inside a form with the id of class_search_form. So now I don't know how to locate where that comes from to exclude the one class. Can you help?

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You will need to hard-code your search form and re-create what the template tag: {property_class_checkboxes} is doing minus your "hidden" property class. The best way to do that is to view the source code of the page in your browser while the tag is still present and copy the HTML markup that is generated by the tag. Then when you remove the tag from your template file paste in the code you copied previously and remove the option for your hidden class.

Docs for making a custom search page:

You may want to contact the person that set things up for you originally or hire a webmaster. As I mentioned, a basic understanding of HTML, hyperlinks, and OR's template system is going to be required.

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