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I'm trying to install OpenRealty 3.1.8 on a new server and am running into a problem at the end of the installation. Looking through the posts about installation issues, most responses seem to be suggesting that the server requirements are not being met, so I have checked the following on

Ability to make outbound connections from your server to HTTP (80) and HTTPS (443) Servers (Ports).

SERVER_PORT : 80 (using http)

SERVER_PORT : 443 (using https)

PHP v5.2 or higher

PHP Version 5.2.17

PHP GD Support or Imagemagik

GD Support : enabled

PHP Multibyte String Support

Multibyte Support : enabled

PHP CURL support

cURL support : enabled

PHP OpenSSL support

OpenSSL support : enabled

PHP Zip support

Zip : enablaed

PHP Short Tag support disabled

short_open_tag : Off

PHP Magic Quotes off

magic_quotes_gpc : Off

magic_quotes_runtime : Off

magic_quotes_sybase : Off

PHP ionCube Loader support

Additional Modules : ionCube Loader

MySQL 5 or higher

mysql - Client API version 5.0.92

Apache mod_rewrite (required for SEO Friendly URLs)

Loaded Modules : mod_rewrite

Apache mod_expires (recommended)

Loaded Modules : mod_expires

Apache mod_headers (recommended)

Loaded Modules : mod_headers

I set all the file permissions as requested (common.dist.php not common.php as stated in the documentation at ) and then run through the installation process.

When I get to the 'Click Here to configure', I get the following message repeated at the top of the screen several times : "Failed to connect to license server, please contact technical support for assistance or verify that your site has unrestricted access to the internet." (This is a remote system and I am using the Internet to make the connection to it, so I know it has connectivity.)

I login with the default username / password, and enter the licence key, which I have cut and paste from the email I received and get a "Licence Saved" message.

I then renamed the install directory and for both http and https access to my site, I get the following message :

Failed to connect to license server, please contact technical support for assistance or verify that your site has unrestricted access to the internet.

You must set an administrative email address in the site configuration before you can use your site.

Any tips or pointers as to why it's not working?

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Your hosting account needs outbound access to the internet on HTTP and HTTPS (ports 80 and 443).

This is not the same as being able to access or view your site via HTTP or HTTPS, such access is inbound, and not outbound.


So what is needed on the hosting side as this is being installed on a VPS?


You should speak with your host and have them verify this for you. Only the person who built (packaged) your VPS is going to know how things are setup.

Outbound connections could also be blocked by a firewall if your host has one in place to manage or restrict outbound traffic.

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