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Tabbed Listing Detail + TransparentMaps = Known Google Resize Issue

I'm pretty sure this is the same problem this guy is/was having:

This is pretty a known issue for a while:

If you put the map on the first tab (that is active when the page is loaded), you won't have an issue. But if you put it on any other tab, it won't size correctly and you'll see 1 square of the map. If you cause anything to redraw the page (resize the browser widow) it will show the whole map but not centered on the property.

After a lot of trial and error, I solved the resizing issue with the last solution at the (targeting the remapping on the <li> instead of the <a>). So now at least I can get the map to show

But the map will not center ~75% of the time. The zoom level now says it is an invalid value and I cannot figure out why either.

As a work around I've tried resetting the center using map.getCenter(); and manually setting the zoom value within my resize function but apparently I cannot figure what "map" name to use.

Generally speaking at this point, I feel O-R needs to know about this and address it since it happens even on their default templates. It just a bug with Google Maps v3 and the jQuery tabs they use.

For now, I've disabled the embeded map and just using a link because it just too unreliable to use.

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PIV Support Posted 5 years ago

There are plans to move away from using the jQuery tools tab library entirely, as the OR backend uses it in a few places, where it is not optional, updates have basically ceased from its developer, so there is no "fix" that can be applied for that area other than replacement and a re-code.

However, for your public template(s) using that tab library is 100% optional. You can always use a different tab library for your template like jQuery UI (for example). There is no requirement whatsoever in TMAPS that you use the same tab library for your custom template that the example templates are using, some people even opt for pure-CSS tabbed content solutions. What you use for your custom template is completely up to you, or your template developer.

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O-R then should pull Query tabs from the stock templates then.

That's actually what I'm using, just modified as it was quick and easy for what we needed. Customization has nothing to do with that but yes CSS only is an alternative.

So is the method I outlined above with resizing, I was just looking for help for the community at large to be aware and also make OR aware of it and possible help with that last bit to get it re-centered after resizing.

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Justin Geering wrote:

O-R then should pull Query tabs from the stock templates then.

I think you mean Transparent Tech, as OR is a product and not a person or company. Removing this library from the example templates will happen when it is replaced with something else, as I mentioned there are already plans to do that.


Either way, your shipping currently two products that essentially are incompatible with some of their default settings. It should be documented or a fix provided.

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Please see my first post for the fix.

I would point out that the tabbed listing detail template is not set by default in OR. The "default" listing detail template is set by default, "tabbed", "slideshow", and the two java column/row templates are example variations.

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