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Template tags for custom user (member, agent, admin) fields

I think it would be great to include a set of tags to display custom user(member, agent, admin) fields. It would work well to display info about the logged in user using simple tags. Some sites will display info about your office or current subscription status. It would be very convenient to use {current_user_fieldname} rather than creating a custom addon to do the same thing.

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photo Employee

There are no "user" fields in OR.

You might want to edit your post and change "users" to "Members" because OR does not have "user" accounts it has Members, Agents, and the Admin account. Also, Agents and Members have separate fields, the former already has template tags available for use.


This post was intended as a feature request. Separate from the question in the question section of the site.

How would you explain the existence of these tags {current_user_first_name} {current_user_last_name} if there are no user fields? These tags work regardless if the user is a member, agent, or admin. I understand that these fields are not custom fields. However, it is displaying them from the user account (be it member, agent, or admin).

From the database view, All accounts are listed in the userdb table and additional fields are stored in the userdbelements table. The structure is similar to the listingsdb table and listingsdbelements table. We have tags for listing fields regardless of the property class. It would be a grand addition to have a set of {current_user} tags.

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