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The best support service we have ever encountered ...

We have been developing websites for clients for a number of years. We often have to deal with support departments and over the years we have found that many of these (probably the majority) have a poor or not so great support service. Often we have been of the thought that "we got their money now - so they can wait for the support" kind of attitude. "Transparent Technologies" have surpassed our best hopes for support. Not only is Open Realty a truly established and excellent product but the level of support, the turn around time, the amount of patience and commitment to quality service Transparent Technologies have given us - is simply astonishing. If there is anyone out there who has not made their minds up about purchasing the professional services from TT then we urge you to go with them. What price do you pay for true peace of mind in today's market of IT?

Thank you once again Transparent Technologies for your ongoing commitment to customer satisfaction. Simple Superb.

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